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Why Life Start?

We reach higher than the status quo in everything we do. Come along for the ride.

Elevated Standards

Elevated Standards

Our franchises do things Life Start style, living up to the highest standards of training with a side of fun with top-notch instructors.

The Virtual Advantage

The Virtual Advantage

Online learning from the comfort of your home. We love nothing more than developing virtual first aid programs that keep people awake and engaged.

Corporate Advantage

Corporate Advantage

No more worries about compliance or endless tracking of employee first aid certifications. Ditch the spreadsheet and let our online system do it for you.

Register your school for free student first aid programs.

Early education will help improve survival rates.

Wonder why our learners love us?

Their feedback tells the story better than us bragging about it.

Nov 6, 2020

“Well done Khryspn and Team, this was a great alternative for the in-person training, you made it comical and memorable.”

Kendra Gautreau
Nov 13, 2020

“I'm never disappointed from Life Start Training with Khryspn. She's personable, informative, and fun. I actually learn from this course, and the information stays with me. Thank you!”

Laura Greer
Mar 27, 2021

“Online training is hard, but this course was very engaging and entertaining!”

Kathryn Melvin
Nov 19, 2020

“Was very surprised and delighted to see Khryspn's personality shine through the virtual class! The addition of the visuals (respiratory systems etc) added to the experience! Always super informative and engaging, thank you!”

Pauline Brideau
Jun 6, 2020

“As always a very enjoyable experience, well thought out, and lots of info provided in a fun and easy to remember format!”

Carrie Fraser
Apr 9, 2021

“After taking first aid for over 15 years, I can honestly say that Life Start delivers a fantastic experience. Managers actually look forward to their training. Courses are informative, interactive and unbelievably fun.  They figured out how to put their personal touch into the virtual training too, giving us the ability to train throughout the pandemic.  I recommend Life Start to everyone.”

Josh Sutherland
Market People Lead, McDonald's Restaurants, Saint John & Quispamsis
Apr 9, 2021

“Part of the changes of 2020 was classrooms migrating to online ho-hum learning. Five minutes into the Life Start refresher, I knew it wasn’t just another e-learning. It was interactive and fun in a way that only Khryspn can deliver. It was entertaining, informative. The time flew by. I found myself at the computer giggling, wondering why I had put this off.”

Jennifer Furrow
CRSP Safety Manager, McCain Foods
Apr 9, 2021

“Thank you for such a great course. You set a new standard on how courses should be done from now on. I can’t wait to see the new videos next time. It was informative, engaging, and best of all, I could do it at my own leisure from the comfort of home. Thank you for all your help, all feedback was positive from our group and everyone enjoyed your teaching style and humor to keep it interesting!”

Joey Rogers
Acting Regional Operations Coordinator, Region 3 – HQ, Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development
Apr 9, 2021

“The best First Aid & Safety Training in New Brunswick! They are so knowledgeable and have the best equipment. I first met Khryspn at a safety conference, you could tell this was her passion. We’ve used Life Start to train 100+ employees. Every class we hear the same thing: "Best First Aid Course Ever" - My staff look forward to training and ask for Life Start by name. 5 stars all day long!”

Mark Manderson
Transportation Manager, Anglophone West School District
Apr 14, 2021

“Khryspn Jensen is the best first aid trainer you could have. She's not only very experienced in her work but keeps the course fun and interesting the whole time.”

Kyle Doucette
Apr 14, 2021

“Instructor is knowledgeable, funny and more than a little weird, love her. This is a good annual refresher course.”

Beverly McAllister
Apr 14, 2021

“One of the best first aid courses I have been on, it is refreshing to see an instruction that cares and believes in what she is doing, it makes a difference.”

Dan Beattie
Apr 14, 2021

“This was one of the best online courses I have done. The actor(s) kept me focused on the subject and on the material. All material covered was informative and cover the course material well. The in person practical section was great as well. I am still wondering why people need a banana hammock.”

Terry Jordan
Apr 14, 2021

“I’ve taken many courses over the years, I’m a first aid instructor myself. I like the blended aspect where you can do a lot via e-learning and it was simple and practical. Even with all the restrictions and complications COVID brings, the online and classroom instruction was really well done. Engaging and thorough. Highly recommend this course to others!”

Steve Carle
Apr 14, 2021

“Really enjoyed the videos and being able to work at my own pace, as I own my own business and it is hard to get workers for 2 full days. Khryspn is a very good instructor and makes learning fun and interesting!! OH and I would have to say Marissa would be my favorite, especially with the nose bleed scenario.”

Denise Whittier
Apr 14, 2021

“The online classes were clear and concise and I was able to do it all on my own time. The hands-on learning was also a breeze, I'll definitely be doing this again for my refresher! Thank you!”

Natasha Becker
Jul 2, 2021

“By far the best First Aid/CPR class I’ve ever taken. Khryspn is so knowledgeable about stats and regulations.  She’s passionate about helping people and makes sure we have the knowledge we need to feel comfortable providing first aid.  I highly recommend anyone to take this class. I know if there’s anyone from our team that requires training I’ll be sending them to you.”

Yvette Gallant
Health And Safety Advisor, ‎Lorneville Mechanical Contractors

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