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How to Avoid Injuries During Summer Workouts

There is something about summer that makes us all want to be more active, especially after two long years of limiting our activities with friends and family. Finally, we can bike, hike, or try other outdoor activities with friends. Let's focus a little less on first aid for injuries and talk about how to best prevent and avoid injuries during this summer's workouts. With fun on our minds, we must remember to take care of ourselves and ensure we're not pushing our bodies too much, or our summer activities can quickly come to a screeching halt!

Creating the Essential Summer First Aid Kit

The summer season is here!!! We know we should all have a 'winter kit' that we keep in the car but have you ever considered having a 'summer kit'? As we often hear, it's better to be safe than sorry. Here are our top essentials to help prevent common injuries when out on day trips or even while away on vacation this summer. The most common ailments during the summer months are heatstroke, sunburn, cuts, eye injuries, fractures (these are very common considering wet tiles and pools!), dehydration, and allergies.

Heart Attack Statistics - Women vs Men

I am an avid believer that showing stats will help participants understand the gaps. 92% of Canadians are 100% on board that children should begin learning First Aid in middle school and high school, but only 12% feel confident that a child could help them during an emergency. We have been pushing for change in the schools to teach relatable information such as First Aid. The earlier we can start the education, we can increase our out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates.

Good Samaritan Act - Why You’re Covered Even if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

Last week, I wrote about how I was shocked at the inconsistent information retained by most of my participants from previous first aid classes. One thing I do hear over and over consistently is how people feel like they don’t have the skills to confidently save a life if needed, regardless of how many times they’ve taken first aid classes.