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Why Everyone Should Take A Hybrid CPR Course

Why Everyone Should Take A Hybrid CPR Course


Consider being in a situation where someone nearby stops breathing and collapses suddenly. This might occur at your home, your place of employment, or at the grocery store. In a blink of an eye, your ability to act could save someone’s life. This is why everyone, at a minimum, should take a hybrid CPR course.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency procedure used to help save someone’s life if they stop breathing to ensure their brain continues to receive oxygen until additional medical help is received. Providing chest compressions helps to circulate blood flow to vital organs. Most emergency victims do not receive CPR, which significantly lowers their chances of surviving or increases the risk of brain damage if they survive. Learning CPR procedures is a valuable life skill for everyone. 


Getting CPR Certification


In Canada, there are roughly 35,000 cardiac arrests every year. The American Heart & Stroke stated roughly 70% of cardiac arrests occur in the home and 18.8% in a public setting. Victims pass away before being taken to the hospital because brain damage can occur in as little as 4 minutes. However, the odds of survival rise significantly if CPR is given during the first two minutes of the incident and raise even higher if an AED is attached. In fact, it is the victim's only source of hope before the arrival of immediate medical help. 


As people become more aware of CPR training and its significance, CPR certification courses are gaining popularity. Knowing the process of CPR in public spaces, such as workplaces or homes, is helpful. The good news is you can even get CPR certification in as little as three and a half hours with a hybrid training course.


Your CPR skills certification will ensure you have the knowledge and tools necessary to help someone in an emergency. You will learn CPR fundamentals and how to perform it using hands and rescue breaths.


Additionally, you'll discover how to administer CPR to adults, children, and infants, each of whom needs a different technique. A CPR training session will cover topics like recognizing cardiac arrest, the value of personal safety, ways to examine an unconscious person, standard precautions, and how to identify and treat a choking newborn, child, or adult.  



Why Should You Take a Hybrid CPR Course?

A hybrid CPR course is ideal for those who want to learn at their own pace and spend limited time in the classroom setting. Following are some reasons why you should take a hybrid CPR course.


A Blended/Hybrid Learning Approach

A blended/hybrid learning format has become more popular in recent years. In the hybrid learning model, students finish (online course material) at home, at their own pace before taking a hands-on skills assessment. With this arrangement, 50% of the course can be finished online, and the other 50% in a classroom. As a result, students can finish the course's core material wherever and whenever they like. And the practical part of the training allows you to practice and correct your technique.


Set Your Schedule To Complete The Course

Hybrid learning programs offer flexibility in scheduling. It allows you to start the program whenever you like. Simply log in to a designated site, connect your laptop or smartphone to the and sign in. You can finish the modules at your convenience and pace and take these online classes at any time of the day.


Save Your Loved Ones From A Mishap

The majority of medical emergencies occur outside of a hospital. 70-80% of cardiac arrests occur at the patient's house. This means that you or a close relative might be the only individual near your loved one. It is crucial to learn CPR because it will prepare you to perform this life-saving technique in case someone dear to you needs it.


Given the seriousness and prevalence of cardiac arrests, mastering CPR should be a requirement for everyone. Don't let the idea of going through "learning" deter you. CPR training classes are engaging and hands-on, and instructors are very supportive.


Obtain Unlimited, Quick Access

Once you enroll in the virtual CPR course, you get unlimited access. You can come back anytime to review the material and watch tutorial videos.


In case you don't fully understand a session, you can repeat it. This is a crucial aspect that a traditional face-to-face class typically cannot provide. Additionally, the course is accessible from any device with an internet connection. You can watch the modules on your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer.


Enjoy Engaging Lessons

Virtual courses typically include an interactive and user-friendly interface that is well-organized, quick, and simple to use, programs have audio and video descriptions, quizzes, and presentations. All these features make training enjoyable and enable a productive learning environment. 


Keep updated of possible changes in technique

First aid occasionally changes, CPR has remained virtually unchanged since 2005, however, there could be changes, and this is why refreshers should be taken annually.  Virtual courses from accredited training facilities are updated as changes occur to ensure you're not using outdated first aid care. 


Obtain An Accredited Certification

By registering at a recognized training facility, you can be confident that the course you choose and the certificate you will receive are accepted. CSA has created a standardized training program that many provinces and territories have been adopting. If your training provider meets CSA standards your certification will be approved in every province that recognizes CSA standards.



CPR certification is not only for individuals who work in the healthcare industry. It is a valuable life skill because it can prepare you for emergencies and potentially assist in saving lives. You must complete a basic hands-on CPR training test to get CPR certification.


There are many virtual CPR and first aid training courses available today. Anyone who desires to learn can access CPR skills because virtual training is flexible and pocket friendly. You must, however, enroll in a reputable training facility because many websites provide incorrect information and don't follow the required standards. The training center's credibility and reputation are crucial because what you learn is detrimental to someone’s survival.