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Why Quality and Knowledgeable First Aid Instructors Are Essential

We attended the Halifax Franchise Expo this past weekend, and one thing was abundantly clear the inequalities in first aid training are unnecessary and in desperate need of an overhaul.

We kept hearing the same thing over and over first aid training is more than the required skills that participants need to demonstrate in every class it is also about the 'what' and the 'how' to allow instructors to be successful.

Being a first aid trainer is a challenging job and requires special skills. The person has to be an excellent communicator, emotionally intelligent, and familiar with different learning styles. 

A knowledgeable first aid trainer should be able to support dynamic and culturally-diverse classroom environments and be able to deal with students of different skill levels and backgrounds. When emergencies occur, a first responder or first aider can make a huge difference; sometimes it’s a matter of life and death. 

Let’s look at why quality first-aid instruction is essential to prepare great first-aiders who know how to deal with emergencies correctly and efficiently.

What is First Aid Training? 

First aid certification gives people access to the best information to help children and adults in emergencies. Instructors teach hands-on skills and provide the current first aid related procedures to participants.

The training equips first aiders to give immediate care to an injured or ill person until emergency responders or medical attention is available. The courses should always involve relevant scenarios, practical information and hands-on skills. We Every first aid course at every level should include CPR and AED training.


Who are First Aid Trainers?

Based on our conversations this past weekend, many people know what first aid training is but can’t remember what was included in their last class.  We did have several conversations with prior first aid trainers and they all echoed the same sentiment that instructor training doesn’t set them up to be successful instructors and the best that they can be.

First aid trainers are supposed to educate participants about performing first aid on people in need not only should they be trained on first aid skills but they should also be given tools on how to teach, engage, facilitate inclusivity and create a learner-centred environment

First aid instructors should function in practical environments. This means they should be engaging all participants in scenarios that are relatable, practical and hit home.  Often, training programs don't focus on making a quality instructor, they focus on getting them their certification to teach.  This results in instructors that are ill-prepared and rely on PowerPoints, and slideshows with very little personal interaction and dependency on these automated tools. Ultimately this results in instructors feeling inadequate and putting limited effort into their instructing which does not produce quality instructions.  We believe you should be taught the how, the why, and what to teach to every person who enters your classroom.  Instructors should be given the tools and support for success to create the best learning experience for every person that enters their classroom. This is what makes Life Start different than every other provider in the industry because we believe our model is better and a shakeup within the industry is the only way to be better. 

Why Are Knowledgeable First Aid Trainers Essential?

First aid trainers do more than save lives. They transfer their knowledge and skills to prepare participants who are confident and best at what they do. Fear is not an option when you are watching a loved one struggling in an emergency.

Great instructors don’t have to have a master's degree, medical degree or a lifetime experience in a field to be able to connect to the general public and help them feel confident to give help in an emergency. In the real world, you are not going to have unlimited hospital supplies at your disposal and decades of knowledge in your head. Your job as an instructor is to give confidence to every person and give them the tools to assist in an emergency. 

A first aid instructor should know how to engage each candidate and build their interest in the activities. While first aid training is a serious job, instructors should know how to make it fun, engaging and relatable. They should also know how to answer any questions raised by students and clear any misconceptions about giving first aid, which is why Life Start gives higher education learning to instructors so they can answer questions participants may have. 

They will know how to minimize the risks, save a person’s life, how to help in an emergency and how to access additional support if required.

People who have taken a first aid course from a trainer who has the passion, dedication and tools to create better training will leave the class more confident in providing care. 

A proper training course will enable the first aider to remain calm and patiently carry out the procedures. They’ll be confident and instant with their skills and know how to communicate with the patient or the crowd.

A knowledgeable and quality first aid instructor will teach students to prioritize safety. The first respondent will be practical and not put others in a risky position. They’ll know the proper channels to seek help and when to reach out for medical attention.


To be continued!