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1. I signed up for an online course but I haven’t gotten a link for my training.
Please check your spam/junk folder and do an email search using do-not-reply@lifestarttraining.com  if you still don’t have a link, please let us know.
2. What time does the class start?  You will be able to locate your start time in your portal just underneath your videos. 
3. I work as a daycare worker or an educator, what do I need for certification?
On page 26 of the Operators Manual for full-time and part-time early learning and childcare centres state that educators and childcare providers are required the 16-hour Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C.
4. Is Life Start Training approved with WorkSafe NB to deliver training?
Yes! Life Start is an approved provider with WorkSafe NB.
5. Am I able to complete my Workplace Standard First Aid Program entirely online?
No. In accordance with CSA requirements, WorkSafe NB requires completion of a minimum number of in class hours for standard first aid programs.
6. Can the annual skills refresher be done virtually?
Yes! WorkSafe NB has approved 6-hour annual skill refreshers that can be done virtually. Please note this does not replace the Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C.
7. What is the 6 Hour Annual Skills Refresher? Is there a recertification for Workplace Standard First Aid?
No, there is currently no “re-certification” course in New Brunswick. WorkSafe NB mandates a 3-year Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C course needs to be done in its entirety every 3 years. An employer is required to provide staff with 6 hours of annual skills training in between the 3-year certification.
8. I am a dental hygienist. What do I require for certification?
On Page 10 of the College of Dental Hygienists it states that dental hygienist are require to complete CPR/AED Level C and they will be eligible for credits as Life Start is an approved agency with WorkSafe NB.
9. I am a pharmacist what do I need for certification?
Pharmacists require Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C. However, if they are the primary first aider for the pharmacy, they will require the Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C
10. I am a massage therapist what certification do I require?
The college of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick require Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C 
11. I am a special home care worker or personal support worker what do I need for certification?
Nursing home or personal support workers require Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C.
12. I have questions about how many first aid kits I require based off of how many workers are on shift.
WorkSafe NB has laid everything out in table form along with that is required by an employer for first aid attendants.
13. I am a lifeguard what do I need for certification?  
Check with your employer as each location may require additional training. 
14. What is the annual skills refresher? Is it a recertification for Workplace Standard First 
Aid CPR/AED Level C?
No, it is not. In 2005, WorkSafe NB implemented a 6-hour annual skills program for utmost participant retention. 
15. Where do you offer courses?
Life Start is pleased to announce that that we have expanded into Moncton NB! We also have. franchise location in Halifax. Life Start is approved to teach 5 provinces at this time. We will continue to expand as we find franchisees who are as passionate as us!
16. Do you train on site at business locations? 
Life Start does on-site training with minimum numbers of 10 as a requirement. If you are looking for a corporate booking, please send admin@lifestarttraining.com an email for a quote. 
17. What is the Start Em Early Initiative? 
Life Start is passionate about giving back to the community. We believe that the main way to increase awareness on our 8% heart attack survival rate is to teach our youth. Life Start has developed a program for both middle & high school students to teach them how to do CPR and AED use. When a Training Centre signs on with us we will donate a bag of high quality equipment to a school so students are able to practice on quality equipment and learn the right way!
18. I am interested in registering my school for the Start Em Early Initiative. What do I need to do? What is involved?
If you are interested in registering your school you can send the application form to the principal, vice principal or who is able to make decisions on behalf of the school.