Life Start Safe Tween & Babysitting Program

Life Start Safe Tween & Babysitting Program

We’ve added a little extra to the traditional Babysitting Program.

For ages 10-13

  • This interactive and hands-on youth program will not only teach the kids babysitting skills but also some basic first aid skills, some life skills and a whole lot of FUN!
  • Your child will receive a Life Start completion certificate after the program. 
  • 6 hours in class program with lots of hands on learning.
  • Our Life Start Youth Programs help kids navigate an ever-changing world while giving some real-life advice and basic skills to help along the way. 
  • Will help kids learn ways to feel heard and understood while you navigate growing up and just being a good human. 

Some of the topics that we cover in our program are:

  • The art of babysitting
  • Basic first aid
  • Infant, child and adult CPR along with AED application
  • Your social life online and offline
  • Your home life & responsibilities.
  • Basic hygiene
  • Cooking safety
  • How to be responsible and a leader
  • Life at school
  • Age appropriate budgeting and resumes

PLEASE NOTE this is a peanut free area. Please ensure that your child has snacks and lunch.

How it works

1. To register, choose your location and preferred training center from the drop-down menu below to book your in-person class first. The available dates will show up in the calendar. Click on your preferred date, and follow the prompts.

2. If you are purchasing for someone else unselect I am purchasing for myself by clicking the box below quantity of seats.

3.Continue to complete order by following the prompts.  Once you have selected payment type and submitted your order you will see a view order tab.

4. Select view order and then click invite and follow the instructions to register your child.

** ETRANSFERS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 24 HOURS TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT.** You will receive a confirmation once payment has been received.

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