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Life Start Training

A Franchise Opportunity That Saves Lives

Start your journey with Life Start Training, where we make saving lives an engaging, memorable experience. Founded in 2016 in Saint John, New Brunswick, our mission is to drastically improve cardiac arrest survival rates with our dynamic "Life Start style" of training. Now expanding across the Prairie and Maritime provinces, we offer you the chance to be part of this life-saving revolution.

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Why Life Start Training?

Dynamic and Engaging

Deliver training that sticks, using the latest gear and innovative methods to keep the learning process fun and effective.

Empowering Support

Benefit from a comprehensive support system that takes the hassle out of administrative tasks, enhances your marketing efforts, and streamlines operations.

A Business That Changes Lives

Not just a business opportunity—it's a chance to make a significant impact in your community.

What We Offer

Proven Business Model

Strong year-over-year performance, corporate competitive advantage, best-in-class instructor training.

Financial Transparency

Reasonable investment requirements with clear, straightforward terms.

Continuous Learning and Support

From pre-opening training to ongoing operational support, we're with you every step of the way.

Less Administrative Hassle

Our Pulse Management System handles it all, from start to finish so you aren’t bogged down with administration and can spend your days engaging with participants and building your business!

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"The support from the corporate headquarters has been strong. From helping to evaluate our territory, to marketing, to tech support with the website and student portals, there is always someone available to help...One of the measures I have always used in life is to ask the question, ‘If given the chance, would I do this again?’ The decision that we made to sign on as the very first Life Start Franchisee was one that we most certainly would do again."


Life Start Franchise Owner
Colin MacDougall - Halifax NS




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Franchise Investment Details

The investment required is reasonable and attainable

Initial Investment


Franchise fee


Total Investment Range

$45,000 - $60,000

Comprehensive Training and Support

Phased training program designed to ensure your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Start Training provides a comprehensive three-tier support program for its franchisees, covering instructor training, marketing coaching, and system training on the custom build PULSE system. This ensures that franchise owners are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in delivering high-quality training experiences and effectively managing their businesses.

What's included in the instructor training at Life Start Training goes beyond teaching you how to instruct; we also equip you with what to teach. Our state-of-the-art training program includes online videos, virtual mini-teach sessions, developmental training, and in-person co-teaching opportunities with our Master Instructors. Additionally, we provide written and video-based skill demonstrations, real life examples from Life Start classes, and moulage tutorials. This comprehensive approach ensures you gain practical experience and proficiency in both the methods and content essential for delivering effective life-saving training.

We've partnered with Marketing Specialist Hayley Bohan to provide dedicated support. You'll gain access to a Marketing Portal featuring her expertise through concise video training sessions, biweekly coaching sessions, and the option to submit quick queries for personalized feedback. Following brand guidelines is crucial as it ensures consistency and reinforces the Life Start Training brand identity across all marketing efforts, which helps build trust and recognition in your local community. This ensures you're equipped with the tools and guidance needed to effectively promote your Life Start Training franchise while maintaining brand integrity.

The PULSE system is an advanced, ground-up built platform designed to streamline operations for franchisees. It seamlessly integrates front-end booking with a franchise portal, providing real- time order visibility, order approval capabilities, customer booking assistance, and instant access to certificates for customers.

This innovative system significantly reduces workload for both franchisees and customers alike.

PULSE System Training includes:
- 5-8 sessions of personalized one-on-one training sessions.
- Written and Video-based instructional training for continued support
- Access to two-tiered support for ongoing assistance and troubleshooting related to the system.
This training equips franchisees with the skills needed to effectively utilize the PULSE system, maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Franchise fee: $35,000 Estimated equipment, start-up, location development: Approximately $15,000 Marketing launch package: Approximately $5,000

These costs cover the essential components needed to establish and launch your Life Start Training franchise, including franchise fees, equipment purchases, start-up expenses, and ongoing marketing support.

Royalty fee: 6% of gross revenue
National advertising fee: 3% of gross revenue
Certificate fee $10.00 per certificate

These costs cover the essential components needed to establish and launch your Life Start Training franchise, including franchise fees, equipment purchases, start-up expenses, and ongoing marketing support.

Yes, franchisees have some flexibility to choose their location, subject to approval based on approved territories, market research and business feasibility.

The timeline varies based on location and specific circumstances, but typically 3-5 months from initial application to opening.

We prioritize a passion for change and a trailblazing personality over prior training. Starting out, all you need is minimum CSA Intermediate Level Certification, and we’ll provide the rest of the training and support you need to succeed.

As a new franchisor, we're proud of the progress we've made in a short time. Our first franchise opened in early 2023, and we're excited to have a second opened in June 2024, bringing our total to four, including two Head Office owned franchises. Despite being in our early stages, we're committed to providing robust support and resources to our franchisees, ensuring they thrive and deliver exceptional service. Our goal is to continue expanding responsibly while maintaining a high standard of support and innovation across our franchise network.

What sets us apart from competitors is our unique combination of being the only first aid provider offering franchises and our state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly integrates front-end booking with day-to-day business operations. This dual advantage not only empowers franchisees with a proven business model but also enhances operational efficiency and customer experience. By pioneering franchising in the first aid sector and leveraging advanced technology, we ensure our franchisees are equipped to deliver superior service and stand out in the market.

Reach out to us, ask us to add you to our waitlist, and we'll reach out as soon as an opportunity arises in your area

Life Start’s goal is to provide a balanced workload that offers full-time salary potential with less than full-time work once you’re established. This allows you to enjoy a better work-life balance while still earning a competitive income. Yes, one of the key benefits of our business model is the flexibility it offers. While you’ll be required to hold a designated number of public classes each month, these classes should be scheduled on mixed days to help you reach a broad audience. Outside of these commitments, you’ll have significant control over your schedule, allowing you to balance work with personal commitments and leisure activities.

Let's build a thriving business and save lives together.

Join us as we transform first aid education and empower communities - one training session at a time. Fill out the form to get started!