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Saint John First Aid Training Firm Working To Save More Lives Through Franchising

N E W S   R E L E A S E






SAINT JOHN, NB, OCT 10, 2022—Since the Life Start Training’s inception in 2016, Khryspn Jensen knew there was a better way to teach people first aid that was fun, memorable, and that would result in more lives saved. She was appalled by reported cardiac arrest survival rates in Canada (was less than 10% survival for out-of-hospital heart attack victims) and made a personal commitment to do her part in helping to save more people from avoidable death. That commitment is no longer just personal, now it is the company’s mission and the reason behind every step Life Start Training takes in pursuit of elevating training standards. Pursuant to this, Life Start Training Inc is planning expansion through franchising. 

The search for the first franchisees to be located in New Brunswick (Fredericton), Nova Scotia (Halifax, Dartmouth, Cape Breton, Truro), and Prince Edward Island is officially underway. Originally, Jensen was thinking about expanding by working with independent training centres to allow them to offer programs through Life Start much like other industry providers, but this option lacked the ability to control the output of the centres. To Jensen, the ability to ensure that the highest standards for training including the use of the best equipment, incorporation of life-like scenarios, and the best-trained instructors is critical to improving survival rates. 

Jensen says that from her experience, the first aid training industry is not known for innovation or progress. According to Jensen the industry really hasn’t progressed much in the last decade except for some amazing equipment advances. “This made it really difficult for me as a single training centre in Saint John, New Brunswick to have the kind impact I wanted to make.” In order to truly impact the survival rates in our country, Jensen wanted to take matters into her own hands and started planning for expansion so she could get her instruction methods to more instructors, and have more control over the content and delivery of training. 

“The instructor plays a big part in helping participants feel confident to use their new skills in emergency situations. My experience in this industry has been working with other national first aid affiliates, you don’t learn and practice actually teaching first aid, you need to teach yourself a lot and do a lot of trial and error. When I started out, I offered certification to participants under a different training provider before being approved by WorkSafe NB in June 2020 for our own recognized program. I had to develop my own training methods, figure out how to efficiently take registrations, how to attract participants and so much more. Actually, I wasn’t really taught how to teach first aid specifically.” recalls Jensen. She says that like her, most business owners who start a first aid training business really want to make a difference, they are enthusiastic about saving lives, but are not set up with the training and tools they need to create a strong business. 

By buying into the Life Start Training franchise model, new business owners will get all the tools they need to succeed much quicker than it typically takes in this industry. Life Start Training franchise owners will be able to leapfrog past figuring out the logistics, registration processes, equipment requirements, marketing, and class plans because it will all be provided. Jensen states franchise owners will be set up for success and can expect strong financial returns on their investment.  Over the last six years, even through the pandemic, Jensen has been perfecting the model from marketing and administration to training. She’s spent over two years creating a custom platform that will save franchise owners (and business clients) so much time and administrative hassle. “I took everything that made my business tedious and difficult and tried to fix it in this custom platform,” says Jensen.

Most importantly, Jensen is enthusiastic that the franchise model will be a great step towards her company mission. “Life Start Training franchisees will have access to standardized training content and methods so no matter where you take first aid through Life Start, you will get the best experience every time.” Jensen adds that they have training controls and audits in place to ensure compliance.

Though Life Start Training is starting its search for new franchise owners close to home to ensure a smooth onboarding process, Life Start Training has received regulatory approval to offer first aid certifications in five jurisdictions in the past year and a half including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, with more provinces expected to follow in the coming months. 

For aspiring franchise owners, you can get all the details at www.lifestarttraining.com/franchisees/request

About Life Start 

Life Start Training First Aid & Safety is an approved training provider based in Saint John, New Brunswick. We are approved to teach in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba & Saskatchewan. We are known for our unique, realistic and always entertaining approach to first aid training. Since 2016, Life Start has been on a mission to elevate industry standards and save more lives.